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Curiosity, commitment, openness – these are qualities that we thrive on. Supporting and sponsoring new artists whom we admire, working with art galleries – these are activities that enrich our lives.

Each of our exhibitions is a true adventure for us, and we are proud to display examples of art work within our apartments. Actually we present the paintings of Denise Eyer-Oggier, artist from Switzerland.

Cooking and Pastry classes 

Learn simple, tasty recipies to be reproduced at home. Come and reinvent the classic recipies of the French pastry and meals in our kitchen or in the Chef’s restaurant (depending on his availability). Come and discover our suggestions.

From the Market

From 10:00 am til 12:30am

You will be welcomed with a cup of coffee by the Chef in the host’s kitchen of Aux Augustins or in his restaurant before going to meet the local producers of the local market Les Halles. The courses include the choice of the products at the market, a participative cooking demonstration and finishes with the tasting of the preparations.

Culinary Art 85€ per person

From 10:30am til 2:00pm

Around one product each course aims to teach about and to practice professional cooking technics which will give you the possibility make successful recipes at home. The course includes the participative cooking class of a two-course menu (starter and main course) and the tasting of the preparations. The meals will be accompanied by two glasses of wine of our region, mineral water and coffee.

The kitchen is yours! 95€ per persons (drinks included)

From 3:00pm until 6:00pm and 7:00pm until midnight

Touch the stars with your finger tips, you are the Chef! Invite your friends, colleagues or family members for a dinner at La Cuisine du Dimanche. During a first meeting you will talk with Marie about your wishes and ideas, make the plan and during the event you will cook and serve with the support of the Chef.

The event includes the participative cooking class of a 3-course-menu (starter, main course and sweet). Your guests will be welcomed with a glass of champagne and the dinner will be accompanied by 2 glasses of regional wines, mineral water and coffee (minimum of 4 persons, maximum of 8 persons).

« Wine tasting & cheese » 

55€ per person

From 5:00pm until 6:00pm

A sommelier will share his secrets and knowledge about the “Grands Crus Côtes du Rhône” (Châteauneuf du Pape, Gogondas or Vacqueyras) with you. The course includes the oenological lesson, the wine tasting of 2-3 different wines and different types of french cheeses.