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Book : Who designed the Chrysler Building by Benedict Curatolo

We believe you'll find Ben's twenty-five year quest to complete the Chrysler Building's unknown designers story and also numerous other unknown individuals ....to be 'enjoyable'.

Resume: Not just touching the sky, as ordinary skyscrapers do, the Chrysler Building pierces the sky with its Vertex-Spire and brilliant, sun-reflecting crowning arches. The ever changing weather conditions, the time of day and the changing seasons, all affect its constantly varying look. Its shadow, cast by a morning sun, creates a mood of joy. And, at night, the magnificent illuminated triangular shapes within the crowning arches, further create a glittering jewel. Many extraordinary unknown people have influenced the design of the complex and original formation of the exquisite 85-year old Chrysler Building. They left a gift for all of us - a sparkling fountain, frozen in the sky, to endure throughout our lifetime - and beyond.

The self-published edition from McNally Jackson can be ordered under info@mcnallyjackson.com Tel: (New York) 212.274.1160

Dairy Barns in Norfolk

Jill, Peter and their children Hannah and Ian offer you a very warm and friendly welcome at Dairy Barns Bed and Breakfast Norfolk which is beautifully situated in the picturesque village of Hickling nestled between the glorious waterways of the Norfolk Broads and the stunning Norfolk coastline. Dairy Barns form part of Lound Farm, a working family farm covering 360 acres of environmentally managed grazing marshes and arable land owned and run by Hannah and Ian. With a selection of B&B rooms and self catering cottages to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice - take a closer look….


Denise Eyer-Oggier - Artist

Native from Switzerland, Denise Eyer-Oggier exposed her paintings in Autour du Petit Paradis and Aux Augustins from 2013 until 2016.

"J’HABITE UN PAYSAGE - Il y a des couleurs et des traits qui n’adviennent qu’à six mille pieds au-dessus des plaines et des rivages. Denise Eyer Oggier habite là, dans le Valais Suisse. Son regard se repose dans la contemplation des grands espaces traversés d’un air vif et éveillé. Elle porte en elle la transparence des glaciers des Alpes. Sa peinture réfléchit la lumière coupante des montagnes. Dans son cheminement, dans ses ascensions et ses descentes, c’est toujours d’elle-même qu’elle fait expérience, dessinant la nervure du destin des hommes, paysage en dedans qui se transforme, indéfiniment variable."

Tel.: 0041 (0) 77 427 61 83 email: denise@eyer-oggier.ch

More information on Http://eyer-oggier.ch


Join them at their island paradise in Onetangi, where peace and tranquillity abound. Glennys & Geoff and their two moggies, Kenny & Mindy would like you to feel at home !

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Bullaburra is a unique all seasons upmarket getaway on a picturesque sixty five acre farm in Gerroa which is just one hour fifty minutes south of Sydney. The owners Mary and Roger are so lovely and helpful.

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Susanna Lehtinen - Artist

Native from Finland, living in South of France, Susanna Lehtinen showed her paintings in Autour du Petit Paradis from 2012 until 2013.

Susanna about her work: "Light, with its visible and hidden expressions, is explored in my artwork and revealed in my photography, sculptures, digital and painted work. This study of light opens up a more broader question about the physical world, about our ability to identify and represent the transformation and limits of physical reality which we only perceive as a reflection."

+33 (0)612 04 78 79

More information on http://susannalehtinen.com

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