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Below you will find our latest cultural recommendations as well as our events such as a cooking class with a starred chef, or a tasting of the best wines of the region!

Yoga Cushion

A moment of relaxation

The filling cushion - with organic spelt coat from Haute Provence 


The cushion cover - handmade Ikat (silk and cotton) from Uzbekistan

40€ all taxes included

A breath of freedon

We look forward to seeing you again!

photo by A Rivlin - a view of the Mont Ventoux 60km from Avignon.

Denise Eyer-Oggier


Originally from Switzerland, Denise Eyer-Oggier exhibits her paintings in Around Petit Paradis and Aux Augustins from 2013 until 2016.

"I HAVE A LANDSCAPE - There are colors and features that are only six thousand feet above the plains and shores." Denise Eyer Oggier lives there in the Swiss Valais. the contemplation of the wide open spaces with a lively and awakened air, it carries the transparency of the glaciers of the Alps.His painting reflects the sharp light of the mountains.In its path, its ascents and descents, it is always she experiences herself, drawing the vein of men's fates, the landscape within which is transformed, indefinitely variable. "

Tel .: 0041 (0) 77 427 61 83 email: denise@eyer-oggier.ch


Curiosity, desire for commitment, openness ... character traits that make us grow and grow! Supporting emerging contemporary artists we value, acting in the context of skills sponsorship, cooperating with art galleries are shared stories that enrich us! 

 Each initiative is for us a real human adventure. 

TO BE OR NOT TO BE...there

Thanks to Christiane and Alic, customers since 2009, for their little word which touches us a lot and to all the customers who have supported our small business this month of July 2020.

We all need colors

Vacations in Provence

You want to breathe, to walk, to have a drink on the terrace, to take advantage of the exceptional heritage that our region has to offer? We have plenty of ideas to help you spend a warm and authentic moment.

Susanna Lehtinen


Native from Finland, living in South of France, Susanna Lehtinen shown her paintings in Around the Little Paradise from 2012 until 2013.

Susanna about her work: "Light, with its visible and hidden expressions, is explored in my artwork and revealed in my photography, sculptures, digital and painted work. ability to identify and represent the transformation and limits of physical reality which we only perceive as a reflection. "


+33 (0) 612 04 78 79

Who designed the Chrysler building by Benedict Curatolo

We believe you'll find Ben's twenty-five year quest to complete the story of the unknown creators of the Chrysler Building and many other unknowns ... to be "nice" .Resume: Not only does the ordinary skyscraper touch the sky but the Chrysler Building pierces the sky with its Vertex-Spire and bright bows that reflect the sun. The ever-changing weather conditions, the time of day and the changing seasons all affect its appearance. Its shadow, cast by a morning sun, creates an atmosphere of joy. And, at night, the magnificent triangular shapes illuminated in the arches of the crowns create a sparkling jewel. Many extraordinary strangers have influenced the design of the complex and original formation of the excellent Chrysler Building, 85 years old. They left us a present for us - a sparkling fountain, frozen in the sky, that would last our whole life - and beyond.The self-published edition of McNally Jackson can be ordered under info@mcnallyjackson.com Tel: ( New York) 212.274.1160