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Ephemeral exhibitions
Female artists in the spotlight

We have the pleasure of regularly welcoming talented artists from the world of the arts.

Sulpture & Painting are the works in the spotlight for this season from April to October. These pieces are displayed for your pleasure in the patio and the different accommodations. They are naturally for sale and we will be happy to put you in contact with the artists Laurence Pecquet & Denise Eyer-Oggier

Laurence Pecquet

Sculpture & Talent

The artist was born in 1952 in Paris. She completed higher studies in ethnology in the capital. In 1978 she went to Carrara to the marble quarries (Italy) for an introduction to marble work. From 1990, she worked in Philippe Lang's sculpture workshop "Eloge de la main" in the Yvelines department:

- Working the land with and without a model

- Learning different molding techniques: lost hollow, elastomer.

Since 1995, abandonment of modeling work and only working on plaster with fabric and frame. Since September 1998, she has been based and working in Vézénobres in the Gard.

"The work that I do is part of a moment, a movement, a situation. Regarding the figurative, it is not a question of reproducing reality but rather of reconstituting an attitude of a being in movement . A sculpture is completed when the overall impression "atmosphere" that I wanted to give is there."


Denise Eyer-Oggier

Painting & Talent

Originally from Switzerland, Denise Eyer-Oggier exhibits her paintings at Aux Augustins from 2013 to the present day.

"I LIVE IN A LANDSCAPE - There are colors and features that only occur six thousand feet above the plains and shores. Denise Eyer Oggier lives there, in Valais Switzerland. Her gaze rests in the contemplation of the great spaces crossed with a lively and alert air. She carries within herself the transparency of the glaciers of the Alps. Her painting reflects the cutting light of the mountains. In her journey, in her ascents and descents, she is always of itself that it experiences, drawing the rib of the destiny of men, a landscape within which is transformed, indefinitely variable."

Tel.: 0041 (0) 77 427 61 83 email: denise@eyer-oggier.ch

Shared talents

Akira Murata

Curiosity, desire for commitment, openness... character traits that help us move forward and grow! Supporting emerging contemporary artists that we appreciate, acting within the framework of skills sponsorship, sometimes purchasing one or more works from an exhibiting artist are all shared stories that enrich us!

Each initiative is a true human adventure for us.

This work was created in our patio by the Japanese artist Akira Murata

Yoga Cushion

A moment of relaxation

The filling cushion - with organic spelt coat from Haute Provence 


The cushion cover - handmade Ikat (silk and cotton) from Uzbekistan

40€ all taxes included

Susanna Lehtinen


Native from Finland, living in South of France, Susanna Lehtinen shown her paintings in Around the Little Paradise from 2012 until 2013.

Susanna about her work: "Light, with its visible and hidden expressions, is explored in my artwork and revealed in my photography, sculptures, digital and painted work. ability to identify and represent the transformation and limits of physical reality which we only perceive as a reflection. "


+33 (0) 612 04 78 79